Sztuka współczesna, obrazy z żywicy, luksusowe patery drewniane



Natalia Konowalczyk, the ethereal artist known to the world as Milasoo.  She live in the vibrant heart of Poznań – Poland, she creates masterpieces that transcend the boundaries of our visual realm. Milasoo, like an alchemist of the soul, delves into the very essence of modern colors, unlocking the portals of perception within our consciousness.

In the delicate dance between pigments and possibility, she weaves a tapestry of mesmerizing hues and magnetic forms. Milasoo’s canvas becomes a sacred vessel, a conduit through which the evolving human spirit expresses itself. As we ascend the ladder of enlightenment, her art stands as a testament to our ever-expanding awareness. 

Driven by deep passion, Milasoo embarks on an odyssey to redefine our relationship with colors. She transcends the two-dimensional plane, merging artistry with the profound exploration of spiritual physics. Her creations serve as mirrors, reflecting our multidimensional existence—a visual symphony of the cosmos echoing within each brushstroke and layer of resin.

In Milasoo’s hands, art becomes more than a mere medium of expression; it transforms into a symbol of the human journey. Her work beckons us to embark on an inner voyage, an expedition into the depths of our own souls. Each stroke, each pigment and movement, is a testament to the infinite possibilities that lie within our expanding consciousness.

In the realm of Milasoo’s artistry, colors cease to be mere pigments on a canvas. They become conduits of transcendence, pathways to the hidden dimensions of our existence. With each creation, she invites us to join her on a voyage of self-discovery, to uncover the mysteries that lie within and without. For in the world of Milasoo, art is not just a creation; it is a revelation—a shimmering testament to the boundless beauty of the human spirit.

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