Sztuka współczesna, obrazy z żywicy, luksusowe patery drewniane



Milasoo is a Subtle Abstract Resin  Artist, known for her vibrant, full of life colorful paintings and accessories. While  searching for herself she developed a deep one passionate romance with resin. She uses her study of Well Being and Quantum Physics to create incredible unique pieces. This knowledge and experiences have allowed Milasoo to communicate multicolored emotions through art. We think we see so much, and in fact it’s quite the opposite. Emotions are our real filter and they project what we see  in our daily lives, they lead us to our experiences. Milasoo is also a celebration of everyday life and mindfulness. it’s a way of seeing how life is flowing in us every single second. It’s gratitude for being in this world and being able to experience it in our own individual way. 

She cares about the hygiene of her mind every day, art, meditation, science, physical activity and love are essential ingredients. Through contact with nature and meditation, she gains higher states of consciousness, feeling deep gratitude, understanding for everything that exists and empathy that she pours with resin on canvas and plywood creating her individual thoughtforms paintings. Some of them are formed by applying several layers of resin, resulting in an additional Three- dimensional depth effect. Lustrous paintings have some unique ability to absorb the light and reflect the surrounding. Glass-like Art that you can play with.Shiny surface and reflective light make the image look completely different from every angle and perspective, every move creates an opportunity to see something new. 

Merging inner emotional life and the physical world she creates deep reflection of the most beautiful human figures, and the soul of the universe, because we are one collective consciousness.   

 Depending on mood and collection Pigmented epoxy resin is manipulated by hand, fire or brush  otherwise it is left to the action of the law of physics. Some paintings are created under the influence of music. 

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