Sztuka współczesna, obrazy z żywicy, luksusowe patery drewniane

The environment is a conversation with us, with our soul. Through this lens, we show ourselves and others who we really are. Ayurveda and Feng Shui also refer to set up the space in the right way. The body is our vehicle, a great chariot we run, while the house / flat is our palace. Everything matters in them, we receive our interiors with all stimuli. All textures, colors, smells affect our mind and spirit. Following this path, I want to take you on a journey to the kitchen heart. I love cooking, experimenting and taking care with everything I feed the body and all senses. In this way I work comprehensively, pamper myself and loved ones taking care of culinary aesthetics.

A tray made of natural wood is an indispensable element of the kitchen, it is not only a natural and useful element of the house, but it also gives it warmth and coziness. We can place a piece of nature into our interior, which is why we should take care of all wooden accessories of smaller and larger dimensions in our spaces. Mother Nature gave them to us voluntarily, as people we should respect these gifts with all our hearts. A good and natural way to take care of a wooden board is beeswax or coconut oil, used regularly every 4 weeks in case of frequent use, it protects the wood surface. Practical size, exotic wood combined with art has created a series of unique wooden platters that make a great setting for meals. They bring an aura of beauty, subtle caring touch full of love. Our life consists of a million inconspicuous rituals that excite light in us, pleasant feelings, increase our life energy. One of the elements of Ayurveda is self-discipline, which prompts us to implement Rituals in our lives, giving it a run. One of mine is healthy eye-catching meals. The more heart we put into preparation, the more wonderful our body will take it, each bite will leave its mark on the taste buds, awakening the other senses.

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