Sztuka współczesna, obrazy z żywicy, luksusowe patery drewniane

I believe magic exists, this is my point of world view.  Of course, you can see it differently. Years ago I  started looking for signs with my best friend, we knew somewhere inside that life has to offer something more, that something is just hidden, and not accessible for everyone (it is for those who want to find it ! ), we were like 15 or 16 teens, it was something more than simple curiosity, it was something inside us. This adventure has been going on for about 14 years now, and every time we discovering something new and exciting. We Play with it in our everyday life. There is a lot to say in this matter but now I will focus on the perception of reality.

I made a lot of experiments even without the knowledge I’m doing it! I just connect the dots now. I also love quantum physic, so I will explain it with one of the most popular examples. Observer effect.  We can predict the final result, but we have to be sure and convinced to it 100%. We need to expect it, as we expect the Sunrise.  By this, you can also give a meaning to literally everything. So when I create my art I truly put my happiness, all nourishing and flourish vibes into it, and it works, because I keep exploring the secrets and laws of life I know that life is infinity, and I’m fully aware and convinced that it simply works and harmonizes with my Artwork. Every single time when I create something it doesn’t matter if its a Paint, home decor accessory, some graphic design, cloth, jewelry, writing, etc I put there specific intention. I made many custom paintings and I know every single person who received it at least I know them by phone talk, e-mail etc, but it doesn’t matter because if you can connect with someone the distance and the physical world doesn’t matter at all.  I know people feel something good when they look at my work, they feel uplifted, energized, and full of hope. Its because I put there a part of my soul, and I can share it easily because its so huge and it is my duty to spread it into another human being. I feel like I bloom and my heart grows when I receive messages from people that what I have done for them evokes and supports their good emotions. In my reality is Pure Beauty and Magic that I have this incredible opportunity to connect with others.   The Truth is we are All connected anyway, and we can flourish each other.

LOVEeeeeee Milasoo

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